Academic Appointments, Promotions, and Reappointments

The RBHS A&P Policies and Guidelines were created as a partnership between RBHS and the faculty to create an exceptional faculty and an exceptional university. RBHS Schools and faculty use these Policies and Guidelines for appointments and promotions to non-tenure track, tenure track and tenured positions. If you have any questions, contact one of the provosts for assistance.

Appointments and Promotions Policies and Guidelines

Academic Promotion Instructions

The Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions for RBHS Tenured and Tenure–Track Faculty and the Academic Promotions Instructions for RBHS Non-Tenure Track Faculty are available at the links below. These instructions do not include AAUP–AFT eligible faculty within RBHS.

It should be noted that the preferred method to generate Tenured and Tenure-Track forms is to access the Faculty Survey online.

Faculty Survey

The suggested and preferred method to generate Reappointment/Promotion Forms 1-a through II-4 is by filling in your Faculty Survey online. The Faculty Survey is a single point of data entry for all reporting needs, providing continuous and secure access to your personal data. If you have questions regarding the Faculty Survey, please contact Marie Paulette Matis via email at, or call at 848-932-7329.

Faculty Evaluations

Evaluation forms for regular faculty and faculty administrators for all RBHS Schools, except the School of Pharmacy, Institute for Health, and part of the School of Nursing.

Faculty Track Selection Process

Templates Letters for Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions

Department Chairs and administrators can obtain template letters to be used for appointments, promotions, reappointments, etc.