Doctors interacting with patients

Patient Care Overview

As New Jersey’s premier, university-based provider of health care, we offer excellence in care while advancing health sciences education and research across a range of disciplines. You will find our front line, compassionate care in patient-centered environments throughout the state. Patients also have access to innovative and promising therapies through our various clinical trials program. Our goal is to help you achieve your optimal level of health and wellness.

Find a Physician
Find a primary care physician, dentist, or specialist near your home or office.

Faculty and Clinical Practices
Connect with our university-based practice groups and centers, where we focus on the most advanced technologies, therapies, and treatments delivered with compassion.

Community Health Programs
Access health services in traditionally underserved areas and find high-quality health care regardless of your ability to pay.

Clinical Trials
Find clinical trials and translational research, available only through university-based, research-intensive health care providers like RBHS.