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Code of Conduct

Respect For Our Research Mission

UMDNJ researchers shall conduct their research with integrity, intellectual honesty and the appropriate respect for human and animal subjects. All research involving human subjects is to be approved by institutional review boards. Similarly, all research involving animal subjects is to be approved by institutional animal care and use committees. Researchers obtaining approvals for research must comply with all the conditions imposed by the institutional committees. Research misconduct is prohibited. UMDNJ researchers are not to: fabricate data or results; change or knowingly omit data or results to misrepresent results in the research record; or intentionally misappropriate the ideas, writings, research, or findings of others. All those engaged in research are expected to pursue the advancement of knowledge while meeting the highest standards of honesty, accuracy, and objectivity. They are also expected to demonstrate accountability for the funds of sponsors, payors and UMDNJ, and they are to comply with specific terms and conditions of contracts and grants.



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If you know an action is wrong, do not do it!

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