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Code of Conduct

Respect For Others

UMDNJ is committed to treating everyone with respect and dignity, and, among other things, to:

  • prohibit discrimination or harassment;

  • to have zero tolerance for workplace violence;

  • provide equal opportunities for all members of the University community and job applicants regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity and expression, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, ancestry, marital status, civil union or domestic partnerships, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, or military or veteran status. Those who experience or observe discrimination, harassment, and/or workplace violence should report the incident (s) to their supervisor (or in the case of students to their faculty advisor) or to the Ethics Helpline.

  • acknowledge that although consensual relationships between persons are within the realm of individual privacy, these relationships may expose UMDNJ to potential liability. Persons in these relationships in supervisory or management roles have a responsibility to discuss with their immediate superior whether the relationship poses any conflict, so that the University may take steps to eliminate the conflict in accordance with its policies.

  • commit to creating and maintaining a safe and healthful work environment. All persons are expected to comply with all safety and health standards.

  • expect persons providing medical and clinical services to be committed to the ethical and compassionate treatment of patients/clients and to follow established policies and statements of patient/clients rights in support of this principle.



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If you know an action is wrong, do not do it!

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