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Code of Conduct

Respect for UMDNJ and State Resources

UMDNJ persons are caretakers of the University’s and of the State’s resources. Persons must thus exercise reasonable care in the use of UMDNJ and State property and must report any damage or misuse to appropriate UMDNJ officials.    UMDNJ resources, including but not limited to cash, property, facilities, intellectual property rights, patient and student records, name and logo, information technology and electronic resources, may only be used for activities on behalf of the University and not for private gain or personal purposes.

UMDNJ shall respond promptly with discipline for willful or negligent damage to UMDNJ property; theft or dishonesty; unauthorized use of UMDNJ vehicles, mail services, identification and credit cards, telephones, computers or computer equipment, or other UMDNJ equipment or materials; and tampering with or destroying UMDNJ data, records or other information, gaining unauthorized access to such information, disclosing confidential information, or otherwise misusing UMDNJ data or information.

Computers and computer accounts are provided to persons to assist them in the performance of their jobs. Persons do not have a right to privacy in anything they create, send or receive on the computer. UMDNJ has the right to monitor, for any reason, any and all aspects of any UMDNJ computer system, including employee e-mail.

Persons may not solicit, collect money, or circulate petitions on UMDNJ property at any time unless it is expressly allowed under current UMDNJ policies or by law.



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