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Code of Conduct

Compliance with Applicable UMDNJ Policies, Procedures, Codes and Other Forms of Guidance and Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

UMDNJ is the custodian of many types of information. Persons with access to confidential, proprietary and/or private information are expected to understand and to comply with applicable laws and UMDNJ policies, procedures, directives and agreements pertaining to access, use, protection and disclosure of such information. Computer security, privacy of personal information, privacy of student information and privacy of patient information are also subject to New Jersey State law, federal laws including HIPAA, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), and FERPA, as well as UMDNJ policy.

The Reference Guide contains information about UMDNJ's patient privacy policies and privacy laws. Questions relating to the release of patient records should be directed to the UMDNJ Privacy and Security Officer or the operating unit’s Custodian of Medical Records.

The public right to access information is governed by UMDNJ policies and New Jersey Open Public Records Act. Questions relating to the release of UMDNJ records should be directed to the UMDNJ Custodian of Records. 

Access to student records is governed by UMDNJ policies and procedures and student privacy laws.  Questions relating to the release of student records should be directed to the University Registrar or the registrar of the School.



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