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Code of Conduct

Fair Dealing in Agreements

When we need to obtain services or goods we comply with:

  • UMDNJ policies governing procurement, including public bidding requirements and New Jersey laws, where applicable;

  • The UMDNJ policies relating to potential vendors;

  • The federal and state laws relating to anti-referral and anti-kickback arrangements;

  • Laws that prevent us from doing business with excluded individuals or companies; and

  • Other state and federal laws that may require that certain terms and conditions be included in our agreements.

UMDNJ is committed to competitive bidding for the procurement of goods and services, except in limited situations permitted by statute and/or University policies. Vendors are to be evaluated and selected on the basis of quality, technical excellence, delivery, cost-effectiveness and appropriateness for the identified task or need, in accordance UMDNJ policies and New Jersey laws where applicable. All UMDNJ agreements are to be managed in a fair and reasonable manner, free from conflicts of interest and consistent with all applicable laws and good business practices.

The highest ethical standards must be adhered to in all UMDNJ business arrangements for selection, negotiation, determination of awards and the administration of all purchasing activities.

UMDNJ persons have an obligation to be honest, consistent and truthful in all marketing and advertising practices pertaining to the business of UMDNJ’s academic health centers and health systems and to adhere to fair business practices.



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