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Code of Conduct


The State of New Jersey entrusts the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) with responsibility for providing high quality education, health care and research, and for assuring that the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity are practiced in carrying out these responsibilities. Each member of the UMDNJ community is expected to engage in:

  • Trustworthy conduct - including dependability, loyalty, and honesty in communications and actions;
  • Respectful behavior - treating everyone with civility, courtesy, tolerance and acceptance, and recognizing the worth, dignity and unique characteristics of each individual;
  • Accountability - taking personal responsibility for one’s actions and decisions;
  • Fair and just actions - utilizing equitable processes in decision making;
  • Compassion - caring for others, both within and apart from the UMDNJ community, and providing the highest quality service to patients and humanity;
  • Good citizenship - recognizing that UMDNJ is part of the broader community and public life of New Jersey;
  • Responsible management – including prudent use of UMDNJ resources in a fiscally responsible manner.

These seven principles are the foundation of the UMDNJ Code of Conduct that has been approved by our Board of Trustees. They apply to all members of the UMDNJ community – students, faculty, administrative staff, executive leadership and board members—and serve as guidelines for maintaining our status as a community leader and earning the trust and respect we each desire.

There is perhaps no more important obligation that you and I have than to uphold the principles and standards included in this Code.

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Dr. William F. Owen, Jr.

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