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Compliance Plan


The University of Medicine and Dentistry is the nation's largest health sciences University. We are New Jersey's state wide system of health sciences education, biomedical research and HealthCare. Founded in 1970 to consolidate New Jersey's health professions education, UMDNJ has become the very core of the state's health sciences system. With five campuses, three medical schools, a dental school, a nursing school and other allied health education programs, and a network of more than 200 affiliated healthcare and educational partners spanning the state, we touch the lives of almost every New Jerseyan every day.

The mission of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and its affiliate schools, faculty and medical personnel is to provide high quality health care service and high quality medical education as well as creating a corporate culture with ethical practices at its core. UMDNJ also strives to ensure our graduates understand and are prepared to carry out clinical tasks that comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations and University policies.

UMDNJ requires its schools, faculties, students and staff to act in a legal manner, consistent with all applicable governmental standards, requirements and University policies. The Compliance Plan (Plan) is designed to strengthen and further demonstrate UMDNJ’s commitment to achieve the highest level of awareness of governmental standards and University policies and to prevent and detect violations.

The Plan establishes a framework for compliance with applicable healthcare and clinical research laws, regulations and policies of the University and other areas of research. Compliance determines this framework in collaboration with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Each faculty member and staff is responsible to insure their actions comply with the Plan. The Plan is not intended to set forth all the substantive programs and practices of UMDNJ that are designed to achieve compliance. UMDNJ already maintains various compliance practices, and those practices continue to be part of its overall compliance effort. This Plan is applicable to all employees of UMDNJ, which includes any officer, employee, contractors, subcontractors and agents acting on behalf of UMDNJ ( collectively, Employees).

The goals and objectives of the Compliance Plan are as follows:

  • Insure compliance with the University’s Code of Conduct;
  • Implement written policies and procedures delineating ethics and compliance requirements;
  • Conduct effective training and education;
  • Monitor UMDNJ’s operations on an ongoing basis to assess compliance;
  • Establish and maintain a confidential mechanism for employees to report instances of non-compliance allowing reports to be fully and independently investigated;
  • Implement disciplinary action for individuals who violate compliance policies and procedures and formulate a corrective action plan to address any issues of non-compliance;
  • Evaluate current compliance activity at each Unit, and where appropriate, develop compliance initiatives at each level;
  • Provide regular reviews of overall compliance efforts, including plans that reflect current requirements and to identify any necessary adjustments needed to improve the program; and
  • Document UMDNJ’s compliance effort in regular reports to the UMDNJ Compliance Committee, and;
  • Annually review the Plan for the purpose of ascertaining whether changes or additions are necessary and make appropriate recommendations to the President and Board of Trustees through its Audit Committee.


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