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Compliance Plan

Education and Training

The Chief Compliance Officer shall be responsible for overseeing the development, coordination and implementation of training and education programs to ensure that policies, guidelines and regulations involving compliance issues are disseminated and understood. To accomplish this objective, the Unit Compliance Officers will work with the Chief Compliance Officer to provide a systemic, ongoing training program that enhances and maintains awareness of compliance policies among existing employees. All training material that addresses compliance issues should be submitted to the Chief Compliance Officer for review and approval before such training will be credited towards the School’s annual training requirement for the employees as described below.

Areas of mandatory training and education shall include at minimum the following:

  • General Teaching Physician Guidelines and Regulations

  • Evaluation and Management (E/M) Guidelines

  • Specialty specific training

  • Medicare regulations and requirements

  • Any issues brought forward as a result of department audits

  • Advising employees of their obligations under the compliance plan

  • Appropriate reporting to prevent errors


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