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Compliance Program Manual

Compliance Program Manual

The Compliance Program is comprised of the following components:

Compliance Plan

The Plan establishes a framework for compliance with applicable healthcare and clinical research laws, regulations and policies of the University and other areas of research. Compliance determines this framework in collaboration with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Each faculty member and staff is responsible to insure their actions comply with the Plan. The Plan is not intended to set forth all the substantive programs and practices of UMDNJ that are designed to achieve compliance. UMDNJ already maintains various compliance practices, and those practices continue to be part of its overall compliance effort. This Plan is applicable to all employees of UMDNJ, which includes any officer, employee, contractors, subcontractors and agents acting on behalf of UMDNJ (collectively, Employees). You can view the compliance plan here.

Program Documentation

The Compliance Program Overview, Policy Statement and the Code of Conduct are available to each employee.

Oversight and Program Administration

UMDNJ has directed the Office of Ethics, Compliance and Corporate Integrity to be responsible for administering the Compliance program. Additionally, the UMDNJ Corporate Compliance Oversight Committee has been tasked with overseeing the activities of the Compliance Office and having its members act as compliance liaisons among the various departments and campuses of the University.

Educational Programs

Periodic educational programs on specific areas of compliance will be provided to all employees under the direction of the Corporate Compliance Officer. Attendance at such programs is a condition of continued employment. If you are unable to attend a particular program, please advise your supervisor or the Compliance Officer.



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Looking for information, but not sure how to find it? You can search the Compliance web site, or contact us.

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