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Compliance Program Manual



Where and When to Report?

  1. Reports by an employee of possible violations of law or ethical standards should be made, if possible, to the employee’s supervisor. If the employee has concerns about this approach, reports can be made directly to the Corporate Compliance Officer or to the Office of Legal Management.
  2. Conflict of Interest. Assistant Vice Presidents and higher, Deans, Department Heads and Chairs must acknowledge annually that they are in compliance with the Conflict of Interest Policy. Actual or potential conflicts also may be reported to the Corporate Compliance Officer at any time.

What to Report?

An employee need not to be absolutely certain that a violation has occurred before making such a report; reasonable belief that a violation is possible is sufficient. Reporting enables UMDNJ to investigate potential problems quickly and to take prompt action to deal with them.

Consequences of Reporting

No employee will be disciplined because he or she made a report in good faith. Where possible, the confidentiality of the employee making the report will be protected.

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Reporting Forms

President Owen's Zero Tolerance Presentation



Reporting forms are available here

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