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Compliance Program Manual



Honesty and Fairness

UMDNJ is engaged in varied business relationships with other organizations and individuals, and is the seller and buyer of goods and services. Many of you are therefore called upon during the course of your duties to represent UMDNJ in dealings with the outside organizations. Regardless of the identity of the individuals or organizations you deal with, you should always adhere to the following standards:

  • Never make misrepresentations or dishonest statements intended to mislead or misinform. If it appears that anything you have said has been misunderstood, correct it promptly.
  • Under the guidance of the Compliance Officer and the Office of Legal Management, respond accurately, completely and promptly to all requests for information from government regulatory agencies.
  • Never use UMDNJ’s success or size to intimidate or threaten another organization. Although you may cite legitimate advantages of doing business with UMDNJ, you must be careful not to engage in any activity that could be construed as coercive or threatening.
  • Never disparage a competitor, its products or its services. Rather, stress in a fair and accurate manner the advantages of UMDNJ’s products and services.
  • No UMDNJ trustee, officer, faculty or staff member shall accept any gifts, favors, services or other things of value under the circumstances from which it might be reasonably inferred that such gifts, services, or other thing of value was given or offered for the purpose of influencing him or her in the discharge of his or her duties. Please refer to UMDNJ’s policy on the University’s Code of Ethics: General Conduct for further information.

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