• Faculty Performance Evaluation Forms
    Evaluation forms for regular faculty and faculty administrators for all Schools.

  • Faculty Search Process
    Chancellor and Provost's Memo (Ocotober 26, 2015)
    Faculty Search Form (PDF) (Excel)

  • Faculty Separation Checklist
    Academic Departments are responsible for the completion of this form for each departing faculty member.

  • Faculty Salary Overpayments Policy
    To establish policy and procedure to recover faculty salary overpayments.  This Policy includes, Overpayment Notice Letter and Repayment Option Form.

  • Medical Evaluation For Volunteer Faculty
    To ensure appropriate documentation of screening for those volunteer faculty who have patient contact at RBHS healthcare facilities.  This form has been reviewed and accepted by the Deans, Occupational Health Servcies and other involved RBHS officials.  Volunteer faculty who do not have patient contact or contact with blood or other potentially infectious body fluids or laboratory material on RBHS premises will not be required to submit this form.

  • Secondary Assignment Request
    This process replaces the old Out-of-Title Work Request for Faculty process.  This process should be followed for all Schools within RBHS and Rutgers wishing to hire RBHS faculty to perform secondary assignements. Secondary Assignment work by faculty is the performance of duties or provision of services that are unrelated to the normal duties of the regular position.  Such work may not decrease the faculty member’s efficiency or effectiveness in performing her/his regular duties, and may not be performed during the time when regular duties are expected to be performed.  Approval by the faculty member's home department chair or direct supervisor, if not chair, is required.  All requests must be submitted and approved prior to out-of-title activity being performed. 
  • Review Sheet for Faculty Renewal Leaves (PDF) (Word)
    This form is to be completed for RBHS faculty being proposed for faculty renewal leave. Please note that this form and supporting documentation must be submitted to RHBS Office of Faculty Affairs 90 days prior to the leave effective date.  For detailed requirements, click here.

  • Review Sheet for Faculty Actions - Current Faculty (PDF) (Word)
    This form is to be completed for the following current faculty actions being reviewed by the Deans' Committee: Award of Tenure, Administrative Appointment to Chair, Promo. to TT/T Full Professor, Changes to Tenure Track, Emeritus Professor and Distinguished Professor. (Revised 7/01/13)

  • Review Sheet for Faculty Actions - New Faculty (PDF) (Word)
    This form is to be completed for the following new faculty actions being reviewed by the Deans' Committee: Appointment w/ Tenure, Appointment on Tenure Track, and Administrative Appointment to Chair.  (Revised 7/01/13)

  • RBHS Faculty CV Format
    This is the official CV format to be used by all RBHS faculty appointed in a legacy UMDNJ Schools, effective April 16, 2012.
  • Taxable Moving Expense Reimbursement Form