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    In late 2015, we developed and adopted the Policies and Guidelines Governing Appointments, Promotions and Professional Activities of the Faculty (“A&P Guidelines”).  The A&P Guidelines contained extensive changes in our appointments and promotions procedures, as part of our journey to develop RBHS into one of the best academic health centers in the country.  Among the changes in the A&P Guidelines was the implementation of a track system, as we also wanted a promotion pathway for faculty whose activities were highly valued, but could not have been promoted under the old UMDNJ system.


    When we first developed and adopted the A&P Guidelines, we knew there would be a need for clarification and further guidance. In the last few months, the RBHS provosts have received suggested revisions from the faculty and from A&P committees, in response to our first year working with the A&P Guidelines.  A document showing the changes to certain criteria in the A&P Guidelines that the University is implementing in response to these suggestions and a clean copy of the revised version of the A&P Guidelines can be found at the links below. The revised version of the A&P Guidelines will take effect immediately. We appreciate that a number of important, suggested revisions may not be reflected in this document but some of those suggested, procedural revisions will be raised during negotiations with the Union for the next collective negotiations agreement.


    Appointment and Promotion Guidelines (Final Revision)


    Appointment and Promotion Guidelines (Comparision Document)



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  • Academic Labor Relations
    The Office of Academic Labor Relations is part of the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. They are responsible for managing universitywide academic labor relations and supporting academic units with regard to faculty personnel matters. Topics include: administration of the collective negotiations agreements covering academic personnel; faculty grievance procedures; faculty appointments, reappointments, and promotions; teaching assistants and graduate assistants; part-time lecturers; postdoctoral associates and fellows; winter and summer instructors; interns and residents (housestaff); and faculty retirement, leave issues and disability accommodations.

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