Participants or Interested Public

Choosing to participate in research is an important personal decision. If you identify or are asked by others to participate in research, please take time to learn about research.

The following LINK offers resources to learn generally about research and where to find research opportunities of interest. If you have been asked to participate or are currently participating in research, take time to ask the study team to explain the research to you. If you have additional questions about the research, please contact the principal investigator whose contact information appears on the consent document. If you have questions about your rights as a subject in research, feel free to contact the Human Subjects Protection Program listed below or contact the IRB Office in your area.

For information or assistance you can call us directly at 973-972-1149

Paula Bistak, DMH, RN, MS, CIP, CHRC
Executive Director Human Subjects Protection Program

Carlotta Rodriguez, MS, CIP, CHRC
IRB Director for Rutgers Health Sciences Newark IRB
Office: 973-972-0898
Mobile: 973-735-3060

Donna Hoagland, LPN, BS, CIP, CCRP, CHRC
IRB Director for Rutgers Health Sciences New Brunswick & Piscataway