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Consent forms

FDA Issues Guidance on New Informed Consent Requirements (click here for details)

UPDATED 3/26/2014: New eIRB Approval Stamp friendly versions have been uploaded under IRB Forms.

UPDATED 8/15/2013: New Online and Paper Survey templates can now be found under IRB forms.

UPDATED 4/24/2013: Adult consent form has been updated to include additional instructions in the optional Future Use section

UPDATED 3/15/2013: The new Audio/Videotape Addendum to Consent Form Template can now be found under IRB forms

IRB Forms
Adult Consent Form Template
Assent Form
Short Form Consent - English
Surrogate Consent ** See guidelines prior to usage
Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE) Consent Form Template
Audio/Videotape Addendum to Consent Form Template
Online Survey Template
Paper Survey Template

Short Form Consent - Alternate Languages
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Chinese Polish
Dutch Portugese
French Russian
Greek Spanish
Haitain Creole Vietnamese