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Consent forms

FDA Issues Guidance on New Informed Consent Requirements (click here for details)

UPDATED March 2015

  • New Parental Permission template s now available under IRB Forms
  • New Emergency Permission Consent template is now available under IRB Forms

UPDATED 2/25/2015

The Health Sciences Informed Consent template has been revised.  Changes include:

  • Suggested language for Conflict of Interest disclosures (if applicable)
  • A revised HIPAA Authorization section  which has been reduced in length and utilizes more lay language concepts
  • This consent form template incorporates a Surrogate Consent option.  This eliminates the need for a separate version of the consent for surrogates or for subjects regaining the capacity to consent..

Please note:  The changes above do not impact the use of the prior version of the consent form.  Subjects do not need to be reconsented with the new form; nor do you need to revise your consent forms at continuing review.  The use of the new consent template is for new studies.

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