IRB forms and applications for continuing reviews & final reports

If approval for continuation is not granted prior to the expiration date of the protocol, all recruitment and subject enrollment must stop. Currently enrolled subjects should continue to receive treatment and follow-up that is in their best interest. Consistent failure to submit timely requests for continuing review is reportable to the FDA, OHRP, and the study sponsor.

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  • Your 1st step is to open your study in eIRB, and click on the "New Continuing Review" option

If you have originally submitted your study on paper, please complete the appropriate form below:

Continuing Reviews & Final Reports

IRB Forms & Applications
Continuing Review Application
Continuing Review Application for NCI CIRB Studies
Final Study Report / Study Closure Form
Expired Study Report Form

Appendices for applications are located here

A study specific Financial Disclosure Form is required for all research personnel.