IRB forms and applications for initial submissions

If you have any questions about a particular form, please contact your local IRB office


Currently, eIRB is only available to RBHS schools/units. Roll out to other Rutgers Schools will begin in the near future. Date TBD.

For RBHS research staff: all new, initial applications must be submitted electronically via eIRB.


  • Appendices for applications are located here
  • Investigator Financial & Other Personal Interests Disclosure:

A study specific Financial Disclosure Form is required for all research personnel.

Any financial or other personal interest must be reported to the appropriate school Research Dean for review by the Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC). COIC is a RBHS-wide committee whose role is to review disclosures of significant interests and determine if these constitute a conflict of interest, and, if so, to decide how such conflicts will be managed, reduced or eliminated.


Every IRB application must be accompanied by a protocol for research. The protocol must be a summary of the research plan outlined according to factors which the IRB considers essential for its review.