University Forms

Any financial or other personal interest must be reported to the appropriate school Research Dean for review by the Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC). COIC is a University-wide committee whose role is to review disclosures of significant interests and determine if these constitute a conflict of interest, and, if so, to decide how such conflicts will be managed, reduced or eliminated.

  • Investigator Financial & Other Personal Interests Disclosure Form

For more information on the RBHS Investigator Conflict of Interest Policy, please go to the Guidance Listing webpage and click on the Conflict of interest link.

Performance Site forms and instructions

Click on a performance site below for details:

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Investigators whose studies will be conducted at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital or who intend to use RWJUH services during the course of a specific study must fill out the Resource Utilization Group (RUG) Allocation of Resources form and submit the application for approval.

Submit to:

Your IRB submission:

  • RWJUH must be listed as a performance site on your application for IRB review. -and-
  • A copy of the RUG application must also be attached to your IRB submission.

NOTE: The IRB will process and review your study prior to final RUG approval; however, research cannot proceed at RWJUH without appropriate sign-off by the RUG. If you have any questions about the applicability or use of this document, please call the IRB at (732) 235-9806.

NOTE: The RUG form link resides on the RWJUH hospital intranet, it is not open to the public.  It is only accessible to staff in the RWJUH campus.  Please try to access the RUG application only when on the RWJUH campus.

University Hospital

The IRB office requires a confirmation email in regards to “The University Hospital Registration” and/or “NJMS Office of Clinical Research Administration (OCRA) review.”  The requirements can be found at the following website:

University Behavioral HealthCare (UBHC) Print View

University Behavioral HealthCare (UBHC) Approval: All research involving systematic participant recruitment within University Behavioral HealthCare (UBHC), research impacting on UBHC staff time, and/or research impacting on UBHC financial reimbursement must be reviewed and approved by the responsible Vice President or Director, the Chief Financial Officer, and the President and CEO, University Behavioral HealthCare, or their designee(s), prior to being submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). See the UBHC policy, Research on Human Subjects for more details.

NOTE: The IRB cannot process or review your proposed research activity without UBHC approval & signatures of UBHC administration on the completed Human Research form. If UBHC is added as a performance site through modification to your study, research cannot proceed at UBHC without IRB approval. If you have any questions about the applicability or use of this document, please contact your local IRB office.

For studies conducted at Kennedy Memorial Hospitals, attach the required GAFA Form along with the signature of the Vice President Graduate Medical Education.

Please complete the following steps to submit your SRB application in Oncore

  1. Access Oncore at:
  2. If you don’t have access to Oncore, please contact Yifang Zhou, the Informatics Specialist,
  3. Once you’re in the system place your cursor over the tab ePRMS and click ‘Submission Console’.
  4. Look for the Create Submission section, on the left side of your screen, click the button for ‘Initial Review’.  Begin entering information pertaining to your study.  Please leave the protocol no. field blank, this will be entered by our in-house staff.
  5. After all requested and applicable information is entered, click ‘save’.  An expanded version of the page will appear; the system will prompt you to provide additional information such as study team, study sites, sponsor and research documents. 
  6. Review your information and make sure that you have entered as much information as possible, once done, click ‘submit’.  This will send your application to the SRB coordinator to begin the review process.

Please feel free to contact Celeste Clark at or ext 5-9427 if you have any questions or need any assistance.