Rutgers Integration information

Use of UMDNJ IRB Approved Study Documents after July 1st (Print View)

Study documents (such as: consent forms, subject information sheets and/or recruitment materials) approved by a UMDNJ IRB prior to July 1st and having the UMDNJ logo will be grandfathered in and may continue to be used until their expiration date. However, all documents will need to be updated with the appropriate Rutgers logo and information at the time of their continuing review renewal.

As of July 1st all NEW submissions will require that the Rutgers logo and information be on all study documents.

After July 1, 2013, investigators have the option of submitting a modification/ amendment requesting form changes if they desire to update their forms prior to their continuing review renewal.

If you have any questions, please call the Human Subject Protection Program office at 973-972-1149 or your local campus IRB office (Newark: 973-972-3608 or New Brunswick: 732-235-9806).