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Policy FAQ's

Information Systems & Technology, a unit within the Office of Information Technology (IS&T-OIT), FAQs

What is a policy?
A policy is a governing principle that mandates or constrains actions.

What are procedures?
Procedures are steps taken to comply with a policy.

What are IS&T functional policies?
IS&T functional policies are official directives that mandate actions or constraints and establish boundaries for conduct of members of the IS&T community to:

  • enhance missions and strategic goals
  • reduce institutional risks and enhance internal controls
  • establish delegation of authority and responsibility
  • promote compliance with federal, state and other applicable laws and regulations
  • promote operational alignment, consistency and efficiency.

Who develops and approves IS&T functional policies?
Functional policies and procedures are developed by designated staff at the direction of and approved by the Chief Information Officer.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about a particular IS&T policy or procedure?
If you have questions about an IS&T policy and/or procedure, contact the Project Management Office (PMO). –

Contact Us or

What is the role of IS&T PMO with regard to policy and procedure?
The Project Management Office:

  • oversees the design, development, and communication of policy for IS&T 
  • offers consulting services and writing development assistance for policies and procedures 
  • maintains the central repository for all policies and procedures including their monitoring to ensure IS&T remains compliant with Office of the Secretary of the University’s regulations 
  • maintains a website for access to policies and procedures created within IS&T.  For more information contact:

What is the process for the creation and adoption of new policies, and the revision or rescission of existing policies?
The Project Management Office maintains official IS&T functional and presidential university policies. The IS&T Operational Management of Policies policy (OIT Operational Management of Policies ) outlines the requirements individuals engaged in developing and maintaining these policies must follow when drafting, approving, revising, and rescinding policies.

What is the standard IS&T policy format?
All IS&T policies adhere to the University policy format, which uses a template ( that indicates the various optional and mandatory parts of a policy document. By standardizing the way policies are presented to the reader, the University hopes to make policies easier to read and understand.

How do I find an IS&T policy on a specific topic?
You can navigate the PMO site utilizing four main options:

  1. Go to "Policy Search" located in the blue strip on the left side of all pages on the IS&T PMO website and use either the Alphabetical Index (clicking on a letter of the Alphabet) or enter a Key Word or Phrase (e.g., "mobile communication device"). The Key Word/Phrase feature allows searching only the IS&T PMO or all Rutgers sites that are accessible without any Intranet restrictions.
  2. Browse policies by Department.
  3. Browse Policy Updates by month.
  4. Refer to the last question in this list for a List of Topics cross-referenced to associated policies.

(Non-IS&T policies may be found at the Rutgers University Policy Library web site.)

How do I know if a policy was recently updated?
The header of an IS&T policy document includes two dates indicating when the policy was adopted, and, if revised, the revision date. Additionally, the IS&T PMO website has a section devoted to Policy and Procedure Updates listing policies that have been updated or adopted by date in a chronological sequence.

 What should I do if I want to comment on a current policy or procedure?
Regular interaction is encouraged between the Policy Owners/Authors, members of the Policy Review Committee, PMO and the University community. Comments, questions and suggestions should be addressed to the Responsible Executive with copies to IS&T PMO All feedback will be reviewed when considering revisions to applicable policies and procedures.

I’m looking for all policies and procedures that refer to a specific topic. Where can I find them?



Auditing IT Assets

Auditing IS&T Web Sites

Authenticating System Users

Authorizing Data Access and Release

Canceling Access to and De-Provisioning Assets

Connecting Devices to the Network

Encrypting Email Containing Sensitive Information

Encrypting  Sensitive Electronic Information

Identifying and Reporting Security Incidents

Mobile Communication Devices

Obtaining Reimbursement for Use of Personal  Phone

Cancellation/Return of  IT Assets

Requesting Administrator Level Access

Requesting Guest Accounts

Requesting Personal  Smartphone Access  to the Network

Remote Access


Wiping Hardware/Destroying Data


Submitting a Request for IS&T Project Work

Change Management

Project Methodology

Project Quality Review

Project Portfolio Management Application

Dress Code

Telecom Expenses



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