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Announcement - Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration: UMDNJ will be transferred to Rutgers, effective July 1, 2013. As a result of this integration, you will see changes to this website. To learn more about how IT services are changing related to the integration, visit the OIT Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration site.

Changing Password Instructions for Campus Hosts: njmsa, rwja, rwjcam, pearl

Easily guessed passwords pose a significant security threat. Beyond the breach or loss of private and intellectual property that may be sustained through unauthorized access to such accounts, an even greater risk exists. Intruders are usually interested in cracking account name/password pairs not so much for the contents of a particular account but as a platform to look for and exploit potential security vulnerabilities elsewhere in the system. The intruder's interest may range from causing a nuisance to inflicting serious and widespread harm. Gaining access to an account, any account, is a first and important step.

Finding a "good" password is tough and may require some patience. The Password Rules for selecting a secure password are reviewed here for your convenience:

  • Length must be between 6-8 characters, letters and numbers ONLY (no special symbols: @ % ?).
  • Passwords must be all lowercase.
  • No personal information – login name, real name, account host name, SSN, DOB (date of birth), home address or phone number.
  • Avoid years and words (or parts of words) that can be found in a dictionary.
  • No sequences (abc, 456) or three or more repeated characters (ggg, 333).
  • A new password must differ from the old password by at least three characters.

To make a password eligible for re-use, the password must have been followed by a succession of at least 3 password changes AND at least 1 year has elapsed since it was last used.

Passwords must be changed at least every 12 weeks. You will be reminded via email two weeks prior to your password expiring, telling you to change your password using the on-line Change Password Utility (see instructions below). You may elect to change it more frequently if you like.

You must know your current password in order to utilize the on-line Password Change Utility ( If you do not know your current password, or if your password has expired, you must visit an AST Support Desk to have a Lab Assistant aid you in changing your password.

If You Forget Your Password:
Your password is encrypted on the UMDNJ computer system and therefore it cannot be retrieved. However, it can be changed. If you forget your password please come in person to your campus AST Support Desk with your University I.D. The support desk staff will assist you in changing your password.

To Change a Campus Host Password Using the UNIX Command Shell:

1) Open a secure shell client (SSH).
2) Select Quick Connect and enter your hostname ( and username (without the Click Connect.
3) Enter your current password and click OK.
4) When you are prompted to Hit Carriage Return to Continue, press the Enter key on your keyboard.
5) From the Main Menu, use the keyboard arrows to select Utilities and press Enter, and then Change Password and press Enter.
6) You will be prompted to enter your old (current) password. Nothing will appear on screen to prevent anyone from seeing your current and then new password. Press Enter.
7) You will be prompted to enter a new password. Press Enter.
8) Read the system response. If the selected password has been rejected, review the rules and try again.
9) When you have selected a “good” password, re-enter it for confirmation.
10) Remember to logout when you have completed your session!

To Change a Campus Host Password Using the On-Line Change Password Utility:

1) Go to the website:

2) Select the link for “Change Password on Existing Account.”

3) Read and review the welcome message, and select Continue.

Note: It may take a total of 5 minutes to complete the entire change password process. Allow your browser to completely finish loading after each step, which may take a few moments per process.

4) Enter your assigned account name/login/username, select your campus host (from the pull down menu), and enter your old password. When you are finished, press the Submit button.

5) Please be patient while the password change utility application authenticates your account information (the following message will be displayed):

“Verifying account information. This process may take up to two minutes to complete. Please wait… Do not close your browser window until the process has been completed. Please wait for the message below to appear!”

6) Read and review the password rules (see above). To change your password, towards the bottom of the screen, enter a new password, re-enter the new password for confirmation and select Submit. If you are having difficulty, you may also select Clear Form to start over or Quit – Try Again Later to exit the application.

7) After you have selected an acceptable password, you will see a confirmation message that your password has been changed. Otherwise, please try again. Select the Click to Close button to safely exit the change password utility application.

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