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Announcement - Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration: UMDNJ will be transferred to Rutgers, effective July 1, 2013. As a result of this integration, you will see changes to this website. To learn more about how IT services are changing related to the integration, visit the OIT Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration site.

Web Mail

UMDNJ's WebMail program is a convenient way to access and manage your UMDNJ email account almost anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a standard web browser. WebMail is not a substitute for your standard email clients (Netscape Messenger, MS Outlook Express, Eudora, Pine, etc.) It is intended for use while traveling or accessing your email when you are not at your own computer or when you are working within the portal. WebMail generally does not provide the same level of speed and performance available with the standard email clients. Therefore, you may find it more convenient to use your regular email client when in your office.

Since release of authorized users can access web mail from any of the University-supported mail clients via this one e-mail icon on the portal. Use this portal to check e-mail, set up a personal calendar, access current news media, library services and subscribe to customizable web services.

Find minimum configurations and usage instructions for WebMail at:

UMDNJ's WebMail resides on a secure server based on industry standards and technology using secure network connections to protect (encrypt) the transmission of your login information and access to your Inbox and mail folders on your UMDNJ mail server. You will notice a closed lock on your browser menu bar indicating you are accessing a secure server.

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