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Research Support

UMDNJ Large File Transfer Service (LiFT)


The UMDNJ Large File Transfer Service (LiFT) is being deployed for the use of our research faculty. It is a web based appliance that should be intuitive for anyone who has ever interacted with a web form. Its permission model is based on classes of users: Standard User and Restricted Sender. (download the end user guide)

Standard Users - may send files to anyone, subject to our 250 user license limit.   An example of a Standard User is any internal UMDNJ faculty who uses the device.

Restricted Senders - may send files to any Standard User.   A restricted sender must first be activated.   An example of a restricted sender is a colleague located at another university, a non-faculty user or a user without a job title or department containing the word ‘Research’ at UMDNJ.   The Standard User activates a Restricted Sender by sending a file to this user (i.e. Restricted User).   See "LiFT Configuration at UMDNJ" below.

All users are subject to a space quota for sent files that reside on the device in the user's cabinet.

All users become inactive after 15 days. For Standard Users this means the license slot becomes available for re-use. Since auto-registration has been enabled for these users, all an idle user needs to do is sign in to reactivate their account - as long as there is a license available. A short expiration date enables us to rapidly recycle our licenses and contain costs.

How it Works

Users listed as UMDNJ faculty members or with a job title or department containing the word ‘Research’ by Human Resources as indicated in Banner are automatically given Standard User status upon first login. No registration is required. Simply point your web browser to and enter your UMDNJ email address and Portal password.

All other users are Restricted Senders. Restricted Senders with UMDNJ addresses will use their Portal password. All accounts with non-UMDNJ addresses will use a service specific password managed by the device itself. The system will send them an email with a link to confirm the new account.

Once you log in you can enter and address your message and attach any files to it. Most web browsers have a limitation in the size of the file they can handle - generally 2GB. If you want to resend a file to the same or other recipients, you should use the Resend button from the File Manager tab of the device. This way you don't have to re-upload the file and use more of your space quota.

The recipient gets the message with a link to the files. By clicking on the link they are brought to the appliance where they can create a new user profile (if they've never logged in before) or proceed to download the file(s). The service has virus scanning and will not allow you to download a file it deems to be infected with malware.

LiFT Configuration at UMDNJ

The default file link expiration is 15 days. Every time a file is resent the 15 day expiration clock on the file starts over. File links can be forwarded to any UMDNJ faculty member. Users have a space quota of 3GB for sent files.   The current usage is found by clicking on the File Manager tab and then the cabinet.   If you exceed this quota you will be unable to send new files and will have to wait for files to expire. You can still resend files that have been previously uploaded to your account, but this will reset the expiration clock for these files.   Files may be manually deleted by contacting the administrator at Deleted files will no longer be available for recipients to download.   When a user sends a file the amount of space remaining in their quota will appear.

When a Standard User sends a file to a non-UMDNJ faculty member or a UMDNJ user without a job title or department containing the word ‘Research’ (a Restricted Sender) a profile is automatically created for them if one doesn't already exist. This is the only way a Restricted Sender account can be created without manual administrative intervention. This is intended to keep rogue outsiders from opening their own accounts and storing files on this service. So if an outsider needs to send you a large file, the easiest way to set it up is for you to first send them a small one through the service.

There is a "Forgot your password?" link on the service's login page. For accounts with a UMDNJ address a page directing you to contact your administrator will appear. The device uses your portal password. You must go to and use the portal's "Forgot your password? Click here" link. All other users will get an email with a new temporary password.

Additional Information

Large file transfer questions not covered by this document may be sent to

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