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AcITAC Educational Technology Grants

2009-2010 Review Cycle

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July 10, 2009


The Academic Information Technology Committee (AcITAC), also known at the IST Educational Services Committee, issues RFP for Educational Technology grants for the 2009-2010 award cycle.  In preparing their proposals, applicants are advised to seek advice from their respective Associate Dean for Research andr Education/Academic Affairs, and their Directors of Information Technology, well prior to submitting the application.



September 18, 2009


•  The primary School's Associate Dean for Research must have reviewed and signed the application form. Applications with multi-school involvement are encouraged to secure letters of support.


•  All educational technology grant applications must be submitted by the applicants to Julia Bush at bushjm@umdnj.edu, on behalf of the grant review committee, by the September 18, 2009 deadline.  THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS TO THE DEADLINE, AND LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.



October 2009


The grant review committee completes initial reading of grants and identifies applicants who will be invited to make presentations to the review committee.



November 2009


Presentations from invited applicants to the grant review committee are completed.



January 2010


Preliminary grant award letters are sent to recipients.

Recipients meet with grant liaisons to finalize budgets.

Fund transfers are initiated.



January 2010


Grant start date



January 2011


Grant completion date



April 2011


Grant Final Report due