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Budget Directions

Application Form
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Budget Form

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Educational Technology Grant Program

Process for Obtaining a Grant

To apply for an Educational Technology Grant, follow these steps:

Download and read carefully the following instructions and forms from http://rbhs.rutgers.edu/minigweb/

  • Introduction
  • Guidelines (for the Program)
  • Process (for Obtaining a Grant)
  • Review Cycle
  • Budget Directions
  • Application Form
  • Budget Form (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Timeline

All grant requests must be submitted to Julia Bush in IST/Academic Systems & Technologies both electronically at bushjm@umdnj.edu and in print at IST/AST, NJDS room B725, UMDNJ Newark campus, no later than September 18, 2009. The principal investigator's name should appear on each section of the application. The electronic copy should be in Microsoft Office compatible form, and can be sent either on disk or as an e-mail attachment. For ease of transfer, e-mail each section separately. Print copies of any forms which require signatures should be submitted with the print copy of the grant application. Be sure to retain a complete copy of all documents submitted for your records

Required elements of the grant application are as follows:.

  • Application form cover page including signatures of the PI, Research Dean, Academic Dean, and School IT director.
  • Grant narrative (see content requirements below)
  • Grant budget (Excel spreadsheet - Appendix A)
  • Budget justification (including a rationale for each line item.)
  • Curricula vitae of the principal investigator and each co-investigator (not to exceed three sides for each person) .
  • University Transmittal and Approval for Grants and Contracts form (Copies of this form can be obtained from the school research office.) Only the signatures of the Principal Investigator, the Department Chair and the Dean or Associate Dean for Research are required.
  • Copies of the university's Financial Disclosure Form (Can be obtained from the school research office; see http://rbhs.rutgers.edu/research/index.htm)

The Grant Narrative portion of the proposal should not exceed 10 pages, single spaced; the font should not be smaller than 10 point type. It should include the following information:

  • The need for the project
  • The educational goals and objectives
  • Anticipated outcomes
  • The use of technology to reach project goals
  • If applicable, the way the project will be integrated into the curriculum
  • Full description of the key points listed in the abstract
  • What makes this proposal innovative
  • Methods proposed to meet the objectives
  • Measurable outcomes to be achieved (For example, improved scores on class evaluations, # of students affected, degree of academic improvement and/or # of faculty and student hours redirected.)
  • Evaluation methodology (Provide a description of how you plan to evaluate the project. Evaluation instruments, where applicable, should be included as an appendix.)
  • List of the people involved in the project and their roles and relevant qualifications
  • Estimated timetable for each stage of project development (Where applicable, the proposal must include a schedule for content and image preparation; storyboarding; programming & product testing; revision and roll out.)
  • Implementation methodology (Provide an explanation of how the project will be implemented among the target populations and how it will be made available to the larger university community.)
  • Explanation of the importance of the conclusions or results
  • How the project advances the missions and goals of the University and school or unit
  • How the project will be sustained after the grant period ends
  • Citations to the scholarly literature that document project need and support the demonstrated effectiveness of the technology selected in meeting that need