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Graduate students and postdoctoral trainees are indispensable to laboratories engaged in biomedical research, and postdoctoral training has become a defacto qualification for research careers in both academia and industry. Despite this relationship, few formal structures or standards exist for training at the postdoctoral level, and the status and role of Postdoctoral Trainees has been a subject of national concern for several years.

Doctoral recipients generally seek postdoctoral positions with specific investigators for advanced training in particular areas of research, with the day-to-day training provided by the mentor with whom the postdoc has chosen to work. The University, however, has a responsibility to ensure that there is an accurate accounting of postdoctoral trainees, that uniform minimum standards for benefits and career development are in place, and that there is a record of where the trainees have gone after completing the program.

To achieve these goals on a University-wide level, the University's Office of Academic Affairs authorized the establishment of an Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) within the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. The OPA was established in April 2001 under the direction of the Acting Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Henry Brezenoff. It has responsibility for reviewing policies regarding postdoctoral education and financial support, for tracking the progress of postdoctoral education and development, and for making recommendations regarding postdoctoral education to the Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs. A Postdoctoral Advisory Committee consisting of the campus research deans, faculty and postdoctoral representatives has been constituted. The overall objective is to enhance the academic environment and educational experience of our postdoctoral appointees.

If you are a postdoctoral appointee and are not on the OPA e-mail list, or would like to participate in various activities being planned, please notify the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

OPA Advisory Committee
Judith Neubauer
Nicola Partridge (Faculty-Piscataway)
Andrew Thomas (Faculty-Newark)

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