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Two post-doctoral positions are available immediately to new Ph.D. graduates or candidates with less than 2 years of postdoctoral experience, in the Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics (MBMG) at newly merged Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School at Newark (previously UMDNJ) to study the molecular basis of Lyme disease/syphilis. Lyme disease is the most prevalent arthropod-borne, multisystemic illness in the USA. It affects skin, joints, heart and nervous system.  Interestingly, C3H mice provide a very good animal model to study manifestations of Lyme disease. Syphilis is a highly prevalent sexually transmitted disease all over the world. Syphilis-causing spirochete, Treponema pallidum subsp pallidum has several similarities with Lyme spirochetes; however, it cannot be grown in vitro.

Current post-doctoral positions are for the projects involving B. burgdorferi and the projects will also help the selected candidates to learn about T. pallidum. The interested candidates should be prepared to work hard to help me achieve my goal of publishing quality papers and obtaining additional NIH funding. My laboratory has most facilities required for the projects. This position will provide opportunity to selected candidate to develop and implement new ideas to study Lyme/syphilis pathogenesis. I will personally provide initial training to the fellow to familiarize this interesting but challenging field of bacterial pathogenesis.

Our department is located in a newer building with excellent core facilities. The presence of Public Health Research Institute in the same building allows students and post-doctoral fellows to interact with some well-known experts in the field of microbial pathogenesis. Rutgers iJOBS (interdisciplinary Job Opportunities for Biomedical Scientists) is an exciting, prestigious new program funded by the NIH initiative “Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training” that allows exposure of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to a variety of job opportunities. The positions are available for three years and are extendable depending on additional funds availability. Decision to renew the contract will be made annually based upon candidate’s overall performance in the lab.

Research Projects involve: Examination of the contribution of spirochete ligands in attachment to mammalian host cells in vitro, identification of the cognate host receptor and study the role of this interaction in tissue tropism during murine model of infection; immunological response to host-induced bacterial molecules and on manifestation of the disease in the mouse model. We hope these studies will lead us to identify molecules to develop better diagnostic antigen cocktails and/or vaccine candidates against spirochetal disease(s). Only serious candidates need apply. Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School in Newark is at an easily commutable distance from different towns of New Jersey as well as from Manhattan, New York by subway and/or by bus.
Applicants should possess a doctoral degree and have experience in microbial pathogenesis and molecular biology disciplines with significant experience in Real-time PCR. Candidates, who are not allergic to animals and have laboratory experience with animals, are preferred. Suitable applicants from the USA will be invited to present his/her work in the department. Curriculum Vitae and names and addresses of three references should be uploaded on the RBHS website: jobs.rutgers.edu

Nikhat Parveen



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