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(Prepared by Risk & Claims - January, 2004)
Revised: September 10, 2015

  1. How much is the medical premium?
  2. Postdoc: $153.80 per month
    Spouse: $152.00 per month
    Each child: $152.00 per month

  3. What is the name of the insurance company?
  4. University Health UnitedHealthcare (UHP/UHC) provides for medical benefits, for medical evacuation and repatriation and for life insurance; their phone number is 1-800-437-6448; extension 112 (Mr. Tien Lam).

  5. What is the cost for life insurance?
  6. Cost for life insurance is $1.80 per month.

  7. How much life insurance coverage is provided?
  8. The plan provides $20,000 worth of coverage.

  9. How often are these premiums billed?
  10. The premiums are billed quarterly.

  11. When does the coverage take effect?
  12. Coverage becomes effective on the date that the postdoc is retained by Rutgers.

  13. Do I have to enroll in this plan?
  14. Yes, it is mandatory that all post doctoral fellows enroll into both the medical and life plans.

  15. What if I'm already enrolled in my spouse's medical insurance?
  16. You may continue in both plans or drop yourself from your spouse's and enroll in the UHP plan which are provided by Rutgers. If your spouse is employed by Rutgers, there is no need to enroll in the postdoc plan (this is the only acceptable reason for waiving out of the plan).

  17. What portion of these premiums am I responsible for?
  18. The department is responsible for the individual medical coverage and for the life insurance coverage. The postdoctoral appointee is responsible for any dependent coverage or the department may, at its discretion, pay for this portion of the premium also.

  19. Is there a dental plan available under this plan?
  20. No, a dental plan is available on a voluntary basis and you can be enrolled directly through UHP by contacting them at 1-800-437-6448 (ext. 112). Or by accessing this link University Health Plans

  21. Are eye examinations covered under this plan?
  22. No, a vision plan is available on a voluntary basis and you can be enrolled directly through UHP by contacting them at 1-800-437-6448 (est. 112). Or by accessing this link University Health Plans.

  23. Can a postdoc be enrolled on a short term basis?
  24. No, you must be enrolled for at least six months and the department will be charged for 6 months of coverage.

  25. When does the plan terminate?
  26. In order for Risk & Claims to terminate a Postdoctoral Appointee from the plan, the department must forward a request to delete said postdoc on a timely basis. Any paperwork done in Human Resources regarding new postdocs or the termination of a postdoc should be forward to Risk & Claims. This is the only way we can add/terminate. The effective date for terminations is the last day of retention with Rutgers. If the postdoc is not terminated from the plan in a timely manner, there is no guarantee that a premium refund will be provided.

    Any postdoc who is terminated from 1st to the 15th of the month will be charged for half of the month premium. However, if a postdoc is terminated from the 16th to 31st of the month the department will be charged for the full month premium.

  27. Is there a website for UHP/AETNA?
    Yes, the site is: http://wwww.univhealthplans.com

  28. Where can I obtain a copy of the medical policy/brochure?
  29. By going to this website: http://www.univhealthplans.com

  30. Is COBRA provided to post docs upon termination?: No, COBRA is not provided.

Note: There is a continuation plan provided through UHC. You may contact Mr. Tien Lam @ 1-800-437-6448 (ext. 112) directly for enrollment forms or visti the link universityhealthplans.com/pdf/RutgersPD_ContinuationPlan-2015,pdf

17. How soon do I need to add my new born child?
You have 31 days from the date of birth to add your new born child. After the 31 days, you cannot add the child until open enrollment which begins the following year. Also, you will need to provide a copy of the baby's birth certificate, along with the Change in Enrollment Form to add the newborn. If the birth certificate has not been issued, then a copy of the baby's footprint document (provided it includes the parents' names) and/or a copy of the document from the hospital that states the name of hte baby and the names of the parent will suffice.

18. When can my dependent(s) be added to the plan once they arrive in the USA?
Again, you have 31 days from the date of their arrival into the USA. Also, you must provide copies of hte passport (front & back).


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