Nicole J. Auffant
Nicole J. Auffant

Urban Education


Work Position
Research Assistant for the Institute on Education Law and Policy

Date passed dissertation defense
Data unavailable


Nicole Auffant has lived most of her life in Newark where she attended the public school system, graduating from Newark’s Science High School and then summa cum laude   from Rutgers College in 2011 with a B.A in Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies. As an undergraduate, Nicole was named a Paul Robeson Scholar and was subsequently awarded the Henry Rutgers Scholars Thesis Award for her research paper entitled, “From Corsets to Jumpers: School Uniform Policies and the Construction of Gender.” She was also awarded the Robert Gutman Undergraduate Scholarship by the Department of Sociology in recognition of her outstanding work as a student.

Prior to entering the Urban Systems Program in the fall of 2012, Nicole taught financial literacy to students at a Newark public school as a Job Club Coordinator for ASPIRA, Inc. of NJ. She was also an instructor for the Mabel Smith Douglass Library in New Brunswick, teaching Douglass Residential College students effective interview techniques. Nicole’s research interests include educational stratification, race relations, women’s leadership, histories of identity formation and social movements, and transnational migration.


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