Paulette V. Blowe



Work Position
Assistant Instructor, Dept. of Urban Education


Paulette V. Blowe received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Williams College having also completed concentrations in premedical studies and African American Studies. She graduated with a Masters of Arts degree in School Administration from Rowan University. In the past 25 years, she has served in public and private education in various roles – student, tutor, teacher, graduate assistant, consultant, school administrator, district level administrator, an assistant professor (William Paterson University), and Assistant Instructor in the Urban Education Department at Rutgers-Newark. Paulette is drawn to political action because of the needs of the students, their parents, teachers, and school administrators she has encountered in New Jersey’s urban school districts. Paulette is seeking the PhD in Urban Systems as a means to become a more effective catalyst and conductor for change in urban educational systems.

Areas of interest for research include: teacher education/urban teacher education programs – assaying, ascertaining, and assessing program effectiveness; establishing charter schools in urban districts (as potential models of excellence); NJQSAC – moving beyond compliance to building competence and capacity for improving student achievement; the role of local education foundations – engaging complex urban communities in developing a common vision for public education.


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