Phoebe Del Boccio
Phoebe Del Boccio

Urban Health


Work Position
Research Assistant
Urban Systems PhD Program
Rutgers University, School of Nursing
Ackerson Hall, Newark, NJ
Phone: 201-921-6715


Ms. Phoebe Del Boccio is currently a PhD candidate in the Joint Urban Systems PhD program’s Urban Health track. Ms. Del Boccio is keenly aware that today’s rapidly changing health care environment calls for a paradigm shift in how both health and disease processes are understood. By examining health promotion via a holistic approach that considers the biological, social and environmental forces that impact each of us, she seeks to help develop health care practices and policies that are insightful, flexible, and responsive to individuals and communities.

Phoebe’s efforts build on a health care background of more than 20 years, in which she was directly involved in the dynamics of patient care as well as networking and systems integration and regulatory compliance. This foundation has formed an ideal cradle from which to build new research models for creating positive change.  In her work as a health care researcher, she hopes to create a deeper and more nuanced awareness of the health impact that can be attributed to determinants such as gender, socioeconomic status, race, age, place, and environmental exposures.

As the world’s population quickly shifts from a rural agrarian focus to urban living, Phoebe believes that it is imperative that we adjust our epidemiological expectations to support disease prevention on a global scale even as our world faces new and unique challenges to population health. With this in mind, Phoebe has recently joined forces with one of the most effective medical mission groups presently working in global health.  The LIG Global Foundation was formed to provide health care and health care education to people around the world, targeting underserved populations. This all-volunteer group of doctors, nurses, technical support and research team members seeks to create positive change through front-line interventions that will support the development of new policies and practices in public health.  Phoebe plans to kick off her dissertation research in 2015 while accompanying the LIG team on one of its upcoming missions. Once there, she will focus on the role women play in accessing health care services for themselves and their families. 

Dissertation Proposal Title

Tentative title: With Women as the Bridge: Understanding Women’s Influence on Health Services Attainment by Examining the Operational Practices of LIG, a Global Non-Profit Medical Mission

Dissertation Proposal Abstract

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