Ellen S. Lieberman
Ellen S. Lieberman

Urban Education


Work Position
Director, Extended Learning Development and Delivery, NJIT


Ellen’s area of expertise is the development and delivery of programs for adult learners.  This includes programs through grants/contracts, online learning, and at extension sites for NJIT.  Over 25 years ago, she was part of the original research team that developed the Virtual Classroom® for the delivery of online classes, including best practice for teaching and learning in an online environment.: In her profession, she supports adult, non-traditional learners at NJIT and develops and maintains educational programs at corporations and in partnership with agencies, organizations, associations, and other colleges/universities to offer NJIT courses, degrees and certificates. Ellen earned her undergraduate degree and a Master’s of Science from Upsala College and a Master’s of Arts in Educational Psychology from Montclair University.  She is a New Jersey State Certified School Psychologist.

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