Carmen Panlilio
Carmen Panlilio

Urban Education


Work Position
Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, Purdue University, Calumet

Date passed dissertation defense
April 27, 2012


Carmen Panlilio serves as the Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management at New Jersey City University.  She is a member of the President’s Cabinet, chair of the Strategic Enrollment Management Committee, and a member of various other strategic committees and organizations on campus.

She is a past president of the New Jersey Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the association.  She has also been active in the regional and national associations of student financial aid administrators.  Carmen is also a member of NASPA, the association of student affairs administrators in higher education.

Title of Dissertation

The Effect of Remediation and Student Support Programs on the Academic Outcomes of Underprepared College Students


Access to higher education is no longer enough. The issue of the achievement gap between Black and Hispanic students on the one hand and White and Asian students on the other do not disappear when these students enter college.  The consequences of this achievement gap are felt most keenly by the Black and Hispanic students in the post-secondary years of education as they are required to complete remediation courses in college before proceeding to take college level coursework that counts towards degree completion.  One of the key reasons for this achievement gap is the higher probability of minority students from disadvantaged backgrounds dropping out of college due to remediation requirements (Attewell, Lavin, Domina, & Levey, 2006; Carroll, 2007; Venezia, Kirst, & Antonio, 2003).  Remedial education is one means by which colleges attempt to help underprepared college students succeed in college-level coursework.

This dissertation is a quantitative analysis of the transition to college and the subsequent academic performance of underprepared college students at a public, four-year, minority-serving institution of higher education. The study examines the effect of remediation and student support programs provided at this institution to assist underprepared students succeed.  The study combines the use of regression discontinuity design and multiple regressions to provide insight on the effect of remediation and student support programs on the academic outcomes of these students.

Findings from this study suggest that remediation alone, as it is currently delivered, is not effective in helping improve student outcomes as measured by CGPA, persistence into the second year, and credits earned in the first year of college. Student support programs show greater evidence of helping improve the academic outcomes of these students.  Further research on a broader scale is needed as the generalizability of the student sample in this study is limited. Improved measures of academic outcomes are also recommended to better analyze the effect of remediation, support programs and other interventions needed to help underprepared students succeed in college.

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