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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are scientific research studies designed to find better ways to treat or prevent diseases. Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) has clinical research at every school and campus, involving hundreds of researchers. The faculty at our two medical schools, dental school, nursing schools, and other allied health schools are dedicated to moving forward discovery in drugs, biologics, devices, preventive and therapeutic strategies, behavioral research, and other interventions to improve human life. RBHS supports more than 350 clinical trials a year.

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The Rutgers Clinical Research Organization is the gateway to RBHS’s statewide clinical trial activities. Dedicated to effective collaboration between industry and academia to advance care and the boundaries of health care treatment, we partner with patients, industry, and practitioners to identify appropriate investigators and academic resources to meet patients’ needs.

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Clinical trials are research studies that require the participation of patients. Search our clinical trials database to find studies that can expand treatment options by providing access to the most promising therapies and advanced technologies. Search now.

Clinical Trials In Depth

Explore school, center, and institute websites to learn more about their clinical trial activities.