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Urban Educational Policy Specialization

The specialization urban educational policy in the PhD Program in Urban Systems is designed to prepare students to develop research-based knowledge of urban educational systems and policies. Through an interdisciplinary approach to understanding urban educational systems and problems, students are prepared to think critically about systemic, urban school improvement. Based on the belief that urban education cannot be understood outside the larger context of urban systems, the program is designed to help students connect the study of urban education to the history, sociology, politics, and economics of urban life. Through course work, research, and internships, students will engage in-depth examinations of urban educational policy and practice. Using New Jersey's historic Abbott v. Burke case as a foundation for understanding national trends, students will examine urban educational reforms in the state's thirty urban Abbott districts resulting from this decision, including whole school reform, mandated early childhood education, and equity financing. Based on their research, students will explore the limits and possibilities of urban educational policy in improving schools for all children. Graduates will be prepared to take positions as university faculty, educational researchers and policy makers at the national, state, local and foundation levels, or to work as policy analysts in school systems.

Specialization Curriculum

  • Specialization Core Courses (9 cr)
  • Electives (12 cr)

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